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FACTORS AFFECTING ENZYME FUNCTION LAB#1 Background information Enzymes are specialized class of protein that acts as catalysts for the chemical processes within our cell which may occur slowly. To speed up these chemical reactions and for proper function, each enzyme binds with a substrate. The substrate binds to the active site of the enzyme. This union of substrate to the active site lowers the activation energy. This energy reduction allows reactions to occur at faster rate. The enzyme will not function properly, if the shape of the enzyme is denatured or the binding of substrate and enzyme is interrupted. There are several independent, and dependent variables that affect the enzyme activity. Some of these variables are temperature, PH, salt concentration and enzyme and substrate concentration. In this lab, we examined how three of those factors, temperature, PH and salt concentration affected the enzyme function. High temperature disrupts the binding of substrate and enzyme. Low temperature decreases the collision between enzymes since the molecules moves slower. PH and salt concentration disrupts the 3- dimensional shape. In this lab, the affects of these factors on the liver enzyme, catalase was examined. This enzyme is involved in the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in to water and oxygen. Reaction: 2H2O2 → 2H2O + O2. The rate of enzyme activity decreases as the enzyme is affected by variables such as; temperature and PH. Materials: Please see the lab manual. Procedure: Please see the lab manual. Observation TABLE 1: Occurrence of enzyme SAMPLE | RATE OF ENZYME ACTIVITY | Liver | 4 | Chicken | 1 |

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