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LAB REPORT: WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF THREE DRUGS ON THE BRINE SHRIMP ARTEMIA? JASMIN HERRERA 10-10-2011 COLLEGE PREP BIOLOGY MR. HADSALL PERIOD 2 PROBLEM: How will solutions of nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine affect the swimming rate of Artemia? HYPOTHESIS: * ALCOHOL: I think with the alcohol solution the brine shrimp with speed up the rate at which they are swimming. * CAFFEINE: I think the caffeine solution will affect their swimming by stopping them from swimming around. * NICOTINE: I believe the nicotine will slow down their swimming, and because of this they will die. PROCEDURE: In order to see the changes in the brine shrimp when put into alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine, we need to use a solution called control which will show how they normally act. In order to do this experiment we will need test tubes with all the different solutions, pipettes, Petri dishes, and most important brine shrimp. We will have 4 different test tubes filled with nicotine solution, caffeine solution, alcohol solution, and control solution. We will then put one pipette full into a Petri dish (be sure NOT to mix up the pipettes with a different solution). Make sure you have two brine shrimp in each of the dishes. We will now record their behavior for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 20 minutes for all of the solutions. INDEPENDENT VARIABLE: In order to see if there is any change with the brine shrimps movement, we used a control solution to compare all the other solutions. DEPENDENT VARIABLE: Using the control solution showed that sometimes brine shrimp swim faster than other ones. Using this information we were able to compare how the drugs affected their movement. CONTROL GROUP: The control solution showed that the brine shrimp do change their levels at which they swim. They sometimes swam faster and then eventually slowed down, but when you looked at their swimming

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