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INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study The important role Science and Technology plays in the development of any nation have long been recognized. For instance, through the function of science and technology, the possessions and the resources of countries have been changed into goods and services all over the globe. The major progress in science and technology has contributed immensely in the well-being of humanity and also in the area of communications, transportation, health, agriculture, warfare among others. In addition, science and technology is the basis for sustainable national development by protecting human societies from ignorance, illiteracy, disease and poverty (Tandi, 2009). Similarly, Abdulkadir (2011) asserts that science…show more content…
It further refers to a combined set of life science dealing with expansion, development, reaction, reproduction and the inter-relationship of living and non living things in our environment (Umar, 2011). In addition, it is a core subject compulsory to science oriented students in secondary schools in Nigeria (Nwosu, 2006). Furthermore, Biology plays a key role in industrialization and other area of the country. Moreover, the teaching and knowledge of Biology equips students with the necessary skills that are useful in solving their day-to-day problem of life (Ityokyaa & Adejoh, 2014). Besides, the study of Biology aims at providing the learner with the essential knowledge with which to manage or modify the environment for the progress of an individual, people and the society at large. The knowledge of Biology has contributed so much, by making life comfortable for people, promote health and control many diseases, increase in food production with the aid of genetic engineering (Eunice, Khatete, & Ondigi, 2014.,Ityokyaa & Adejoh, 2014). Biology is central to science and technology and it is indispensable in the fields of medicine, agriculture, brewery, petro-chemical, pharmacy, biochemistry, microbiology, and psychology among others (Umoke and Nwafor, 2014). It is obvious that no student intending to study these disciplines can do without biology. However, the importance of Biology has drawn the interest of…show more content…
This implies that, the teacher’s ineffectiveness as regards to the instructional strategies utilized in Biology classroom could be accountable for the observed poor academic achievement of Biology students. If Biology teaching and learning is not adequately assessed and reformed then it becomes doubtful if Nigeria will meet up with its challenges of globalization (Ndirika & kanu 2012). For instance, in the submission of Usman (2009), Duze (2011) and Yahaya (2012), the standard of education in Nigeria is

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