Biology Case Study: 'Gridiron Gang'

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Biology Field Trip Assignment (Experiment 8& 9: Diversity) NAME: KOH ZHE WEI ROLL NUMBER: 121383516 SUBJECT: ENGLISH (CASE STUDY-GRIDIRON GANG) LECTURER: MS. RENUKA VALIAPPAN GRIDIRON GANG Based on the movie ‘Gridiron Gang’, the story is basically starts in the Kilpatrick Juvenile Detention Center in Los Angeles and the great story line is based on the real story which the main characters are the couch, Sean Porter who is also a football player formerly, and the football players, Willie Weathers and Kelvin Owens. So, Porter decided to prepare a football team named Kilpatrik Mustangs to make the teenage united as one. Sean states to his new team, “ Right now you’re a loser. Mustangs are winners.” to motivate the team members. These juveniles have problems in being punctual, taking criticisms, responding to authorities and working as a team. Many people does not believe in him because most of the people thought that these teenagers have no hope in future but he is confident that it will make them a better person. Initially, Willie and Kelvin feel unhappy with each other because they…show more content…
Free is shocked that Willie helped Kelvin and not him. The police show up, and Free runs off. He fires at the responding officers who fire in return, killing him. Although Kelvin survives the attack, he will not be able to play in the finals. In the next game, against Barrington, the Mustangs go into the half down 14-0. Willie gives a motivational speech, and they go out and beat Barrington on the last play of the game. It is revealed in the narration that they lost the championship game, but no one called them losers. A few months later, Sean's football method is officially made part of the

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