Biology Assignment Essay

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Chapter 6 Questions Instructions: * Provide detailed responses to the following questions. Responses should be in your own words. * Responses should be written in paragraph format, using complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar. Points will be lost for incorrect or incomplete responses, or improper writing techniques. * Complete responses should be submitted via Canvas by the assigned due date. 1. Discuss how proteins differ from carbohydrates and lipids. 2. What are amino acids and what are they composed of? What is the significance of their side chain? Amino acids are organic compounds which forms the building block for proteins. Their combination through peptide bond results in formation of proteins. 3. Define the terms: a. Essential amino acid: It is any amino acid that is required for life and growth but not produced within the body and if produced it in-sufficient which supplied by protein in the diet. b. Nonessential amino acid: It is an amino acid that can be made by human body and it is not essential to the human diet. c. Conditionally essential amino acid: These are amino acids that are required at some stages or by some people who cannot synthesize them either because of genetics or medical condition. 4. What is phenylketonuria (PKU)? It is an inherited disorder that increases levels of a substance called phenylalanine in the blood which is a building block of protein that is obtained through diet. 5. Define transamination. Transfer of an amino group from one chemical compound to another. This is simply the transfer of -NH2 groups from amino acids 6. Define: d. Dipeptide and Tripeptide: A dipeptide is an organic compound formed from two amino acids are are linked by a peptide while a tripeptide is peptide formed from three amino acids e.
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