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Biology and Plantwork Essay

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IB Biology Standard Level

Internal Assessment 1

How does salt concentration affect the boiling temperature of water?

Candidate number: 000505-022

School: SCECGS Redlands

Date: 25/3/2010


Aspect 1 – Defining the Problem & Selecting Variables

Problem: How does salt concentration affect the boiling temperature of water?

Hypothesis: I predict that as salt concentration increases, the boiling temperature of water will increase as well.

Dependent Variable: The boiling temperature of the salt/water solution (°C)

Independent Variable: Concentration of the salt water solution (0 %, 5%, 15%, 25%, 35%)

Aspect 2 – Controlling Variables

Controlled Variables:
    • Volume of salt water solution (100ml (0.5 ml)
    • Volume of Beaker used for boiling (180 ml)
    • Type of salt used (Iodized Home Brand)
    • Composition of water (distilled)
    • Amount of salt that has dissolved into the water (stir until the salt is completely dissolved)
    • Thermometer (Use the same mercury thermometer each time)

    • 5x180 ml beaker
    • 3 L distilled water (±.1mL)
    • 500 g Salt(±.5 g)
    • Mercury Thermometer (-10 to 110°C ( 0.5 °C)
    • 100 ml measuring cylinder (±.5mL)
    • Electronic Scale
    • Glass stirring rod
    • Safety goggles
    • Lab apron
    • Bunsen Burner
    • Tripod
    • Heat mat
    • Clamp stand

Aspect 3 – Developing a Method for Collection of Data
Note: the maximum temperature is taken 1 minute after the temperature has stopped rising
  1. Gather appropriate materials
  2. Set up the Bunsen Burner with the tripod on top and the heat mat underneath
  3. Light the Bunsen Burner with the flame set to yellow
  4. Using the 100 ml measuring cylinder, fill each of the five 180 ml beaker with 100 ml of distilled water
  5. Label those five beakers 1-5
  6. Set...

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