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Get Living - Get Wet pg 1 Video Transcript Presented by Discovery Education Get Living - Get Wet Darren The thin layer of biosphere surrounding this planet is the only biosphere we know the only place that supports life. Even though there are not many places in this solar system that seem habitable, it is possible that life exists out there somewhere. There are some worlds in this solar system that seem to have all the essential ingredients for life. Devendra It is pretty obvious why there isn’t any life on the moon. Erika It looks as dry as you can get. Not a drop of water anywhere Devendra And water is essential for life Erika Cannot live long without it. Water’s important to living things because it dissolves a lot of compounds. The water molecule is polar. It has slightly negative and slightly positive sides. That helps it to dissolve polar and ionic compounds. Devendra That’s one reason water is important to us. It dissolves nutrients, gases, and wastes, and carries them around the body in the blood. Water is essential for transport in all organisms. Animal, plant or protists doesn’t matter, water is a major part of them all Tanya Water’s other physical properties help to support life on earth. Fred Inside every cell, chemical reactions are constantly taking place. Tanya They are happening in solution in liquid water. Without liquid water, most of those reactions would not be possible. Fred And water remains liquid from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius at “SATP.” Tanya That’s a wide range of temperatures compared to other substances. Russ Sampson Of course, water is at least we believe it is one of the most important components of life. So if we are looking for life in our solar system, we have to look for places where there is water. Now, water by itself is not sufficient for life. For instance, in the last

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