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Lecture Outline/Reading Guide Introduction A Big-Billed Bird Rebounds A. Introduction to science and the science of biology. B. Core themes in biology. 1. How do biologists organize their subject matter? Biology is a broad collection of subdisciplines such as evolution, ecology, zoology, cell biology, and genetics. 2. Can we uncover some common concepts that underlie all biological study? Evolution is the unifying theory of biology. All living organisms are composed of cells, which are the basic units of life. All life forms are related and use DNA and RNA. The genetic code is virtually universal. Biological study unifies the concepts of structure and function. C. To begin, we start our study of biology by focusing on the relationship between the brown pelican, the fish they eat, and the humans with whom the brown pelican must compete for space and resources. I. The Scope of Biology Module 1.1 Life’s _______________________________________ define the scope of biology. A. The levels at which life is organized are (from most to least inclusive): ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. B. These levels represent a ______________________ because each level is built of parts at successively lower levels of organization. C. Biological researchers investigate the full spectrum of life, from the biosphere to the biochemical reactions within a cell. Module 1.2 Living organisms and their __________________________ form interconnecting webs. A. Living things do not exist in isolation from their environment. An organism’s environment includes both ____________________________________________________________. B. Plants, as well as certain prokaryotes and protists,

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