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Bio 123: General Biology I (Hybrid Class) Prerequisite: RDG 099 Completion or higher placement Quarter Hours: 6 (4 hours lecture 2 hrs lab) Course Description: An introduction to life processes including principles of cell and molecular biology, the perpetuation of life, origin and diversity, and a survey plants, invertebrates, and vertebrates. Students completing general biology I will become biologically literate citizens, able to apply biological concepts to the ethical choices they must make throughout life. Laboratory exercises are related to lecture topics. Lecture 4 hours; Laboratory 2 hours. Student Learning Objectives: The student will be able to A. Summarize the scientific method. B. Discuss cellular energy use, storage, and transfer C. Define the basics of cell division and heredity, D. Describe the use of biotechnology and recombinant DNA E. Discuss the origin of life F. Describe the current biological classification system and the variety of life. Course Content: | A. The Scientific Method | F. Cellular Reproduction | |B. Atoms, Molecules, and Life |G. Genetics--Mendelian and Human | |C. Cells - parts and functions |H. Origin and Diversity of Life | |D. Energy Cycles |I. Fungi and Plants | |E. Photosynthesis |J. Invertebrates and Vertebrates | Course Materials: Textbook: Biology Concepts & Connections, 6th edition.

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