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Biology Essay

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Biology 20 SDL

Module 2

Ecosystems and Population Change


Topic 3.1: Individuals, Populations, and Communities in Ecosystems

1. Read pages 78-84 in ‘Inquiry into Biology’. Pay attention to the key terms listed on page 78 of your textbook.

2.   Explain and give an example of what a biotic component of an animal’s environment is? The animals that it eats, the animals that eat it, and the environment that it habituates make up the biotic components.

3. Explain and give an example of what an abiotic component of an animal’s environment is?   The air, nutrients, precipitation, and habitat are the abiotic components of an animals environment.

4.   Identify three biotic and three abiotic components of a starfish’s environment in the table below. Refer to Figure 3.2 on page 78 for more information.

|Biotic Factors Of A Starfish’s Environment                       |Abiotic Factors Of A Starfish’s Environment                     |
|                         Sea urchins                             |Water                                                           |
|                                                                 |                                                               |
|Microbes in water                                                 |Sunlight                                                       |
|Animals that eat the starfish                                     |temperature                                                     |

5. Complete investigation 3.A on page 80 of your text book. To gather data, you may use a computer to access the following simulation found at http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/t4tes/courses/senior/biology_20_web/mm/m3/leaflab/leaflab.html or live trees in your area. To access the computer simulation, click the above link using ctrl and click. Sign in to Learn Alberta using the user ID LA06 and password 4105....

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