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Drugs are categorized as either recreational or pharmaceutical. They alter the brains signals to the central nervous system leaving the consumer almost body altered. Alcohol affects the human body in many ways. It is a central nervous system depressant and which affects the entire body, from the vision of the consumer to walking co-ordination. Without the central nervous system the body wouldn’t be able to function properly due to some signals from the brain to the body being blocked. Also the central nervous system coordinates the activity of the limbs of the body. Alcohol can therefore be classified as a recreational drug. Unlike other nutrients, alcohol passes straight through the body without any digestive phase – this is because the body metabolizes the drug very quickly. Generally the less you weigh the larger the chance that you will get affected by alcohol. However, for people of the same weight, a well-muscled individual will be less affected than someone with a higher percentage of fat since fatty tissue does not contain very much water and will not absorb very much alcohol (Source for italic sentence: Ethanol has been the alcohol of choice because with the studying effects of ethanol on beetroot cell membranes can report how this alcohol can have on a person’s cell membrane. Information gathered from this experiment will decipher how the cell membrane of a beetroot interacts with the ethanol. The level of damage on the cell membrane can then be linked to scientific predictions that would incur from the drinking of alcohol as a person. Digestive lining and a person’s stomach may be compromised by the taking in of the drug, ethanol. Therefore knowing these effects would help provide a wider knowledge of alcohol on the body’s cell membranes and perhaps how to

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