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“Biology is so complicated that it simplifies my life.” I came up with this quote after having studied for a biology test two weeks ago. We were studying about genetics and it dazzled me how the human body works; all this mitosis and meiosis going on; it stupefied me. And that’s when it finally hit me: I want to major in Biology. Honestly, I’ve been confused since the 10th grade about what to study in university. All my friends had made up their minds and had their dreams ready to be pursued, but there I was, torn between Civil engineering and Biology. In order to decrease my uncertainty, I spent a day job-shadowing a civil engineer last year; I attended a meeting with her and an architect, learned how to read maps, and understood what this job really meant. I liked it, but still, I wasn’t quite inspired; I couldn’t picture myself as a civil engineer. However, after acing that biology test I previously mentioned, dissecting a testis, and reading Francis Collins’ “Language of Life”, I was definitely sure that Biology is what I wanted to major in. After having decided that I wanted to major in Biology, the most obvious question hit me: which is the best university in Lebanon that could provide me with a top education? AUB immediately crossed my mind, for the majority of people I know, talk of AUB as the best university in Lebanon. This is why I decided to check and be sure. Consequently, I checked and now I am sure; I am sure that AUB would not let anything stand in the way of its students’ education by providing them with means to develop in the majors they dream of seeking, it has an environment that puts excellence as its priority, it presents its students with many opportunities, and it will be a once in a lifetime experience for me. In addition to that, as class delegate, I have learned to lead a class responsibly and fairly; as a scout member for the past ten

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