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Biology 2107 Milestone Essay

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Biology 2107
Milestone Paper 1
The basics of biology today consist of five essential principles. These principles are the cell theory, gene theory, evolution, homeostasis, and laws of thermodynamics. For the basis of the paper, we will go in-depth with three of the primary principles. The cellular theory states that cells make up all living organisms and these cells are the fundamental units of life. Different elements compose or make up cells. These elements are nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and less than 2% of other elements. More importantly the cellular membrane, composed of lipids, only allows certain particles to pass through and cause reactions. There are five different types of macromolecules that effect cells: Lipids, Nucleic acid, Proteins, Amino acids, and Carbohydrates. The Gene Theories are inherited through gene transmission. Nucleic acids hold all genetic materials for living organisms. Deoxyribonucleic Acids (DNA) are the genetic material in living organisms. Along with DNA, RNA or Ribonucleic acids is used for protein synthesis. Through Central Dogma (translation and transcription) Proteins are synthesized and when amino acids bind to the protein it gives functionality to cells. Lastly, we will discuss how carbohydrates and ATP metabolize into energy needed for the function of cells.
There are millions of different kinds of organisms on earth, which can range from single celled bacteria to something as complex as a human. Although the living organisms on earth are diverse, they all encompass certain similar features. All living organisms are composed of cells which are the fundamental units of life. Living things can organize cells into tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms. They take in energy for growth, respond and adapt to their environment, as well as grow and develop. All living things reproduce either sexually or asexually. The cell is the basic fundamental unit of life. It is the smallest living thing and the lowest...

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