Biological View Of Substance Abuse Essay

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Substance Abuse Substance abuse is a pattern in which people rely on a drug excessively and regularly, bringing damage to their relationships, functioning poorly at work, or putting themselves or others in danger. The causes of substance related to disorders are as follows: Sociocultural views- Propose that substance abuse and dependence are more likely to appear in families, and social environments where substance use is valued, or at least accepted. Psychodynamic views- people who abuse substances have powerful dependency needs that can be traced to their early childhood. Cognitive-Behavioral views- the temporary reduction of tension or rising of spirits produced by drug has a rewarding affect, thus increasing the likelihood that the user will seek this reaction again. Biological views are a genetic predisposition and biochemical factors. People may inherit a predisposition to substance abuse.…show more content…
Behavioral Therapies- an approach based on the principles of classical conditioning. Individual are repeatedly present with unpleasant stimulus, and they are expected to react negatively to the substance and lose the craving. Cognitive-Behavior Therapies-help people gain control over their substance-related behaviors, by making them keep track of their substance use. Biological Treatments- helps people withdraw from substances, abstain from them or simply maintain their level of use without further increase, (detoxification, drug maintenance therapy, and antagonist drugs). Sociocultural Therapies-Psychological problems emerge in a social setting and are best treated in social context. Self-help program, culture and gender-sensitive programs and community prevention programs are three sociocultural
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