Biological V.S Social Reality

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Biological vs. Social reality Race as a biological concept personally is ridiculous. Modern scientists have proven the old race stereotypes wrong. Yes there are many differences between all human beings period but race is a manmade creation not biological. The biological side of this argument has a very good question. Even if genetic comparisons show no race-based differences in groups, shouldn’t the obvious physical differences prove the natural existence of race? Yes the obvious physical features should help identify the race but there are so many variations and tones even inside each race. There are plenty of diseases that one race can have and one cannot but there are no reasons that scientist can find. They cannot see race by examining a DNA strand. When it comes to sports we stereotype people without even trying. Blacks are better at basketball; Asians are great dancers, white men can’t jump nor dance. The one about blacks in the basketball is not a random statement it’s just assumed since they have taking over the NBA. Bur there are plenty of different raced players in the NBA who are really good. Way back in the 20s Jews dominated the courts of basketball not blacks. Depending on the decade you will find a different stereotype each time. Whereas Social reality has to do with things created not pre-given. In our country you are constantly reminded of your race. On many forms you have to check the closet race to your own, depending on your race you can receive scholarships for school and many other ways we are separated here. The racial lines this country has drawn are well before my generation’s time but it’s all we’ve ever known. The growing numbers of biracial people are confused for several races at a time because they don’t just fit into one group. They are often placed in a group that doesn’t completely

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