Biological Oceanography Essay

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In the world of oceanography, dead zones are a commonly known term amongst scientists. People do not realize the effects that the zones have on the inhabitants of the ocean and the people who depend on fishing for their livelihood. This issue affects biological and chemical oceanographers, eliminating all forms of marine life due to the climate and composition change of the ocean. The continuation of this study will help scientist understand and assist in creating new ways to solve the growing problem. Areas around the world known as “Dead Zones” are being reported as “areas so low in oxygen that fish and other sea life cannot survive (Oceans Where Fish Choke. November 30, 2010).” These areas are accosted with highly populated coastal areas that are being overfished and have rich nutrient run off coming from land causing massive decline in phytoplankton. Biological Oceanographers worldwide study dead fish that continue to surface on shore by searching for a solution to the problem. Many believe the zones are created due to climate change; however, it is more logical that the constant drain off of the high nutrients is feeding the dilemma. Low oxygen levels increase stress on fish. It has been found that this can cause fish to have smaller ovaries, produce fewer eggs, larva is smaller and less likely to survive (Oceans Where Fish Choke. 2010).” This mutation will have a negative effect on the population of fish causing decline or birth defects. Declination will eventually take toll on the geographic areas dependent on fishing for a source of income and food. Biological Oceanographers are not alone investigating the issues; Chemical Oceanographers have significant roles in the equation also. Chemists are studying the waters and how the increase in nutrients will change the biological composition. They speculate the problem is due to climate

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