Biological Model Of Abnormailty Essay

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Biological Model Of Abnormality The Biological Approach assumes that all mental disorders have a biological approach rather than an environmental cause. Mental disorders are essentially seen as physical disorders. The main causes can be seen to be genetic, biochemical transmitters, neuroanatomy and viral infections. Genetic problems are seen to be passed from generation to generation. The study of twins allow for a comparison as identical twins have 100% of the same genes, and non-identical only share a % of the same genes. Holland et al studies 45 pairs of twins which showed a high concordance rate for anorexia and concluded that 80% of cases could be explained by genes and 20% explained by environmental causes. Studies show that genes play an important role in other disorders such as bulimia, schizophrenia and depression. Certain genes may lead to abnormal biochemistry or abnormal neuroanatomy. Imbalances with neurotransmitters can cause abnormalities. Imbalances with serotonin are associated with clinical depression (low levels) and anxiety (high levels) and eating disorders. Abnormality of the structure of the brain can cause abnormalities. Schizophrenics have been shown to have enlarged spaces (ventricles) in their brains, indicating shrinking of brain tissue, defects in the brain’s hypothalamus can cause disorders such as links to eating disorders. Viruses can also cause abnormality. Those caught by pregnant mothers have been linked to eating disorders and to schizophrenia. The virus may enter the unborn child’s brain. Glandular fever has been linked to anorexia and obsessive compulsive disorder. Syphilis can also cause abnormality of the mind with those suffering from having delusions of grandeur, forgetfulness, delusions of persecution and other forms of mental deterioration. It has been the most successful dominant approach to use for over 200

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