Biological Characteristics of Life

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All of the characteristics of life are related one way or another. The characteristics of life are organization of cells, response to stimulus, homeostasis, metabolism, growth and development, reproduction, and change though time. Homeostasis is the maintenance of a stable level of internal conditions, Metabolism is the transformation of energy and materials from the environment. Energy in Metabolism gives off heat, and homeostasis keeps temperature stable. Growth and development is the process by which organisms uses energy to mature. Homeostasis maintains stable food to the organisms to keep them growing. Reproduction is the process of making the same organisms, homeostasis also help organisms to create new alike organisms. Homeostasis also changes through time cause your blood pressure can change in time. Homeostasis is also related to the organization of cells, because it keeps stable level in the cells. Also homeostasis is related to the response of stimuli which is the response to something scary. Homeostasis is the thing that keeps the organisms able to respond and react to changes. Organization of cells which is the degree of order within the internal and external parts of a living thing. Which is also related to the other characteristics of life in many ways. It is related to the response to stimuli because the cells in organisms keep the organisms in the stimuli able to respond to stuff in the environment. Organization of cells is also related to homeostasis because cells is what homeostasis keeps stable. It is also related to growth and development because when u grow u get more cells. Reproduction is organisms produce new organisms like themselves cells is what powers organisms. Then the change though time will build your cells and make them stronger. Metabolism breaks down the energy to keep the cells working. Response to stimuli is and
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