Biological and Humanistic Essay

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Biological and Humanistic PSY/250 May 1, 2012 Peggy Maki-White Biological and Humanistic The theories of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, has help to develop the perspectives on how humans develop personalities. It shows how different influences have affect on one’s development of personality. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs provides a starting point where understanding of human personality can begin to be understood. If we use this with other methods we can come up with a more accurate picture of how human personality is developed. The overall opinion on this matter is that human’s are naturally good, but with some social and mental deficiencies. There are also theories that state that one’s mental health state is developed by one’s self. These theories also credit one’s environment as being a contributing factor to human personality. This theory has also strongly influenced healthcare and education. Although a person’s environment may play a big role in their personality; genetics is believed to play an even bigger role. This is a theory that what derived from the Biological theory. The biological theory claims that the way that one’s personality forms is based on biology. One of the best known supporters of this theory was Hens Eysenck. He believed that a person’s genetic make-up played a big role in personality. This is not a theory that can be proven. Sure biology plays a big role in the color of our skin, or even our height and eye color. This can be a direct reflection of how we and others view us; thus also reflecting on how we interact with others and how others react to us. It can be said that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has some influences from the biological theories. The third step with relationships could be tied into a biological theory. The way that a person’s appearance affects the type of relationship they have with
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