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Hans Eysenck’s theory of personality is part of the biological approach. The biological approach is recognizing biology in the makeup of personality. This is saying that a part of a person’s personality is inherited from their mother and father. Eysenck wanted to find the primary makeup of personality. Eysenck’s theory can be structured like a pyramid. Starting with the base of the pyramid there are specific response level. This level involves specific behaviors like spending time with friends. The next level has habitual response level. This level is how often you do the specific behavior. Spending time with friends on a weekly or daily base would be put here. The third level is the trait level. Traits like sociability, activity, and liveliness. Under the sociability trait is where the example of spending time with friends weekly or daily would go. At the top of this pyramid is what Eysenck called supertrait. A supertrait as Eysenck explained is extraversion-introversion, neuroticism, and pychoticism (Burger, 2008). Eysenck’s supertraits are independent of one another and people can rank high on the extraversion pyramid and low on another. It is possible for a person to be an extravert and have traits of an introvert also. Eysenck explained true extraverts as “outgoing, impulsive, and uninhibited, having many social contacts and frequently taking part in group activities. The typical extravert is sociable, likes parties, has many friends, needs to have people to talk to, and does not like reading or studying by himself” (Eysenck& Eysenck, 1968, p.6). Extraverts are less sensitive to stimulation. They do not mind a noisy room or a large crowd of people. They can become bored quickly with things like movie plots that take a long time to play out. Extraverts like situations that they feel will bring them rewards. They want to

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