Biography Of Thomas Douglas: The Father Of Medicare

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Thomas Douglas known as 'The Father of Medicare' was one of the most successful politicians that Canadians have ever seen. He was a small man with a huge personality that captured the hearts of millions of Canadians.1 Throughout his time in office he was able to implement several social policies and programs in Saskatchewan that were later adopted by the rest of Canada. With his relentless pursuit of his radical ideas he changed the way Canada would run as a nation. Many of his programs are still an integral part of Canadian society. Among his many achievements his greatest could be seen as his implementation of Medicare. Although never intending to become a politician, his amazing ability to speak and his exceptional humour made him popular with millions of Canadians. It is clear that Tommy Douglas is the most influential individual on Canadian society. Tommy Douglas was born in Falkirk, Scotland on October 20th, 1904 to a socialist family with little money.2 Seven years later he and his family moved west to seek a better life and settled in Winnipeg, Canada.3 Shortly after settling in to his new home Tommy was dealt a…show more content…
Although no longer working with the NDP he occasionally made appearances to make his trademark speeches. During his forty-two years in politics, Tommy Douglas proved himself as an outstanding Canadian leader. He is largely responsible for our central banking, old age pensions, unemployment insurance, and our universal Medicare. He fought for fair and reasonable treatment of all Canadians and believed every person deserved health care whether or not they could afford it. To the end of his days Tommy was true to himself, to what he stood for, and to the people he represented. His legacy as a social policy innovator lives on today. With all that Tommy Douglas has done it is clear he is the most influential individual on Canadian

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