Biography Of Earvin & Ldquo: Magic Vs. Johnson

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Earvin “Magic” Johnson His career at Michigan State was something that the school will always remember because of the standout athlete that he was. Magic went to school mainly because of the opportunity of free education. To get his degree in communication was what he had wanted for a long time because he wanted to have the career of a television commentator. He also wanted to play college basketball but he never thought he would surpass the collegiate level of play. His freshmen year the Spartans had a record of 25-5 and clinched the Big 10 Conference Title. In the 1978-1979 season Magic was voted most outstanding player of the Final Four and only after two years of college basketball, he entered the NBA draft. The Los…show more content…
For the Los Angeles County, Magic gets involved in many activities and people are definitely impacted by him and what he does. He believes that the youth should be involved with sport and physical activity and because of this, Magic holds basketball camps/clinics during the summer and sometimes the camps are ran with other basketball greats such as John Wooden. Johnson gives motivational speeches about basketball but also about safe sex and he also became a voice for AIDS awareness. "I want kids to understand that safe sex is the way to go," and “I made sure I warned students who were probably having unprotected sex about what they were doing and what risks they were taking” is what he told People magazine. Along with giving speeches he makes training aids and instructional basketball DVDs in order to promote the fundamentals of the sport. Magic says “I helped educate sports, and then the world, that a man living with HIV can play basketball; he's not going to give it to anybody by playing basketball” ( Magic Johnson is now forty nine years old still facing the HIV struggle but with his multiple medications and following the doctor’s orders by getting exercise and a proper diet, he is doing well. Working out at 5:30 every morning, it is obvious that exercise is still included in his busy and active life. This is not the only way he surrounds himself with physical activity at this age because Magic is also a Vice President and part owner of the Los Angeles
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