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Biography of Charlotte Bronte Essay

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  • on January 12, 2013
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Rakia Ali
Mr. Hall
Advanced English 10
Period 1
January 2th, 2013

Charlotte Brontë
On April 21st, 1816 Charlotte Bronte was born to her parents Patrick and Maria Bronte. Her father was the most influential person to Charlotte, he was said to basically shape her mind. When Charlotte was 5 her mother passed away, and therefore the loss of a mother became the theme in her books. Then at age eight her father sent her and her sisters to The Clergy Daughters’ School which was expressed as Lowood School in “Jane Eyre”. Also just like Helen Burns in “Jane Eyre”, her older sisters Maria and Elizabeth died of tuberculosis. To help her cope with the deaths of her family members she made an imaginary land known as Angria, in which the ruler was a man named Zamona who later on transformed into Mr. Rochester from “Jane Eyre”
When Charlotte grew to the age of 26, she went to a school named Brussels to learn French and German, and it was at this school where she fell in love with her married teacher. She described these feelings in her book “Villette”. When Charlotte started writing novels she decided to use a pen name known as Currer Bell. When Charlotte returned home from Brussels she developed a toothache that kept her up all night so she had nothing else to do but write, and it was in this time when she created “Jane Eyre”, in which she poured out her passion for a married man. Shortly after
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writing “Jane Eyre” Charlotte discovered that Arthur Bell Nicholls, one of her father’s workers, had fallen in love with her, but she dismissed it, because she was too consumed into her fictional love affair.
Shortly after the publication of “Jane Eyre”, Charlotte and her publisher began to fall in love with each other. Everything seemed to be going well with her life, but horrifically over the span of 9 months all her remaining siblings died. Everything was crushed in her life, but the last hope she had for herself was for her publisher George Smith to...

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