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Gene Kelly Gene Kelly was a pioneer in bringing some of the most visual, choreographed dancing to the big screen in such old time favorites as “Singing in the Rain” and “An American in Paris”. It was his hard work and determination that made him stand apart from other contemporaries during his time, outside of maybe Fred Astaire. When he danced, it told a story with all the offbeat angles and mass movement. He produced some of film's most innovative and enthusiastic dance numbers, pushing the limits of the genre. Gene Kelly was born on August 23rd 1912 to a working-class family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was an athletic, energetic young man that was forced by his mother to take dance classes while most young boys his age preferred to play games and sports. Gene Kelly once said he’d rather have played baseball at the time because the Pittsburgh Pirates were in need of a shortstop. Through time, though, he began to love dance, and his love of dance led him to teach his own classes while putting himself through Pennsylvania State College, and later, the University of Pittsburgh. By the late 1930’s, Gene Kelly was dancing his way through the Broadway stage. His first Broadway breakthrough came in 1939, where he danced to his own choreography for the first time in the play “The Time of Your Life”. By 1940, Kelly play the lead in the musical comedy “Pal Joey”. An MGM executive seen Kelly’s excellent performance and offered him a movie contract in which Gene Kelly excepted. By 1942, Kelly made his film debut with Judy Garland in the movie “For Me and My Girl”. The crowd began to like Gene Kelly because he could sing and had his own unique style, performing largely in regular clothes and in common settings. "All of my dancing came out of the idea of the common man," Kelly once explained. The height of his career began when he took on a project that had never

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