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Literacy Autobiography Trying to remember how I learned to read, write and speak is hard for me. I don’t know why either. To get some help to refresh my memory I started to go through my elementary school papers, I also sat with my mom and asked her what she remembers of my learning experience. I come from a Spanish-speaking household both of my parents learned English after I was third grade so being in English classes was hard for me; I had difficulties explain to my mom the homework in order for her to help me with it. I learned how to speak English at a very young age by watching English television. I’m so happy my mom saved my early education moments. Without those papers I would be lost trying to recall what happened. Going through my papers I found I wasn’t very good at reading. At least that’s what I thought at first. I was reading my teachers comments and they all basically stated that I needed to concentrate and read more books. My first grade teacher was more positive than my kindergarten teacher. In first grade I was making excellent progress. I was improving a lot in reading and writing I can say that they both are very similar if you don’t understand what you are reading then writing about its hard. In second grade was where most of my problems were. While in second grade I had to participate in a reading program. The objective of the reading program was to meet my individual needs and to adequately prepare me for achievement in my regular classroom. I had weak word attack and phonic skills when I started the program. I also had a sight vocabulary. My teacher wrote on my progress report that I can only benefit from instruction if I put effort into the task and that I had a short attention span. By the end of the program I was at the grade level I was supposed to be at. My experiences with writing have made an impact on the way I think and how I

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