Biographical Study Of George Weston

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| George Weston | | | | | | Weston products transcend Canadian culture, though many may not realize many of the products they consume fall under the Weston name. Some of the more popular brands include Wonder and D’Italiano, as well as President’s Choice and No Name, both of which can be found at the typical grocery store under the Loblaw Companies Limited umbrella – yet another Weston-owned company (Yusufali). The origins of this company can be found in George Weston as early as 1882 in Toronto, but why did his efforts reap greater rewards than those bakers around him who worked to simply get by day to day? George Weston’s success in business can be attributed primarily to his ability to see opportunities in the baking market, as well as his acceptance of and adaptation to changes in the industry. While there are many points in Weston’s career to examine, there are a few key points that highlight this entrepreneurial spirit that led him to success and allowed continued success through the several generations of Weston business. Firstly, Weston’s early experience as a bakers apprentice, specifically his experience on the bread routes of his master, allowed him to observe a need in the market that was not being met, which he would meet with success. Next, Weston’s general experience throughout the industry showed him that a technological revolution was underway in the industry, which he would embrace to his benefit. Lastly, Weston saw that the industry was undergoing a major change in terms of business size, and accepted the need for large mergers in order to remain efficient and continue dominating the industry. George Weston’s company remained competitive even as the baking industry underwent significant transformations, with Weston always embracing, and perhaps leading, this change, allowing his company to succeed to this day. George

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