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Bioethics Essay

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May, 06/2009
Research Issues

The sophisticated issues of today far surpass government and the borders that divide us. There have been many controversial articles that expand from internet and papers explaining how science is surpassing humanity. There are many promising and exiting new technologies that have the potential to benefit society. Bioethics is the study by which philosophers examine controversy regarding ethical issues pertaining to biology, more specifically bio-research.
Scientists have to be held responsible for their research and its implications. It is possible with our technology to advance in many ways, but do these discoveries improve or worsen humanity. On August 6th and 9th 1945, The United States of America dropped two nuclear bombs over Japan. As a result over 200,000 people died. Should the scientists working on this nuclear bomb be held responsible for its creation? Science should be used for improvements in society, not to destroy it.
There are many small groups that address bioethical issues. I think that there should be a larger group of scientists and philosophers that debate and argue the pros and cons of the research that is being presented. This group should be funded by the government, but not controlled by it. This group, not unlike many of the smaller groups that are around today should be granted control over what is researched.
Although there should be consequences for the actions of the brilliant minds of today; it is hard to sentence or punish one for creating something that they, themselves did not use. There have been reports of scientist being punished for misconduct, but it is very rare. Scientists should, to a certain degree, be responsible for the creation and all of the unforeseen side effects.
In today’s society there is a great deal of emphasis on bioethics. Some might argue that there is not enough, I being one of them. Although I am still impressed with the amount of restraint that humanity...

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