Biodiversity Essay

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Biodiversity is vital in maintaining the stability of an ecosystem. Upon acknowledging the above fact, we humans carry out all sorts of action which threatens the biodiversity. Ranging from population growth, hunting activities, introduction of new species, to deforestation and side effects of industrial activities, all these actions upset the ecosystem while reducing the biodiversity. In the following, I shall further explain my view with supporting evidence. Rapid population growth leads to over-exploitation of natural recourses. In order to meet the food demand of the growing population, a large cleared area is needed for cultivation, timbering and other economical activities. Farming, timbering and mining activities destroy the forest inevitably. Not only does the number of trees decreases continuously, but also the number of species or the biological diversity is reduced. Cultivation for instance, changes the natural forest with rich species diversity and hence of high ecological stability into an agro-ecosystem with poor species diversity and hence low ecological stability. Selective lumbering activity on the other hand, causes a loss of valuable species in the area. Besides, the chopping down of trees will lead to a great loss of animal life or even extinction of some animal species, since many others die because their natural habitat had been destroyed. All these human activities will keep the biodiversity at a very low level. Both illegal and legal hunting of animals for fashion or medical purposes have led to the extinction of many species and endangered many others. Since the whole ecosystem is linked together by a complex web of interactions in the relationships of food habits, the loss of any single species can have serious effect on others. Common examples are sharks, tiger, elephants and lions etc. Great demand for

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