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biodiversity Essay

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Biodiversity essay

  marine and coastal biodiversity has been affected in many ways. One of the main reasons why biodiversity in oceans is declining is humans. How does this affect biodiversity? Humans kill one type of species and the other that feed on it face the consequences. We over fish the oceans dry of marine animals. Humans destroy the ocean habitats that have been preserved for many generations. Humans affect biodiversity in many ways these reasons are extinctions, habitat destruction and over fishing.

Marine and coastal biodiversity has been affected in many ways one of these reasons are extinction. Humans over fishing animals until they are extinct. An example of this is with sharks humans are finning sharks for the fin industry. This is affecting the food cycle. Plankton and fish populations are now increasing due to the lack of predators. Sharks serve a very important function as a hunter and cleaner in our oceans.

Habitat destruction has destroyed biodiversity in many ways humans destroy the environment in oceans by oil spills and dumping garbage in to the oceans. Wildlife in the oceans are losing there home to stupid human activities. Biodiversity in the oceans is declining due to habitat destruction.

Other human activities such as long line fishing illegal fish has also affected biodiversity in the oceans. Humans destroy the food cycle in the oceans we make a species extinct and this disrupts the food cycle.
Long line fishing is the use of long lines that cab catch a lot of fish very fast and this declines the fish populations greatly.

Marine and coastal biodiversity has been decreased greatly due to the lack of responsibility from humans. Extinction, habitat destruction and over fishing are the root cause of this problem. We humans should take more responsibility and preserve marine and coastal wildlife so that it is still around for future generations to come.

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