Biodiversity Essay

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I believe that Biodiversity is life as we know it on earth. It encompasses all that surrounds us on all levels, from plants, to insects to us humans and the environments we each live in. Without the ecosystems that all living matter incorporates, we as humans would not survive. It is because of this there are so many living creatures in danger of extinction. Part of the issue is the over population of human life which has increased the carbon footprint and has created global warming. Without serious interventions we will never be able to stop the damage that is has and still is creating. By our developing the earth to provide us space to work and live, we have destroyed multiple ecosystems that were once inhabited by animals and plants. When we started to build businesses we created pollution which has damaged the ozone to allow the global warming of our environment, causing necessary insects to die off due to them not being able to sustain life in the warmer climate. All of these issues create a problem in causing an imbalance within our environment. We would be missing necessary animals that would feed on pests and there are insects that would need to feed on plants to pollinate to produce food. Without them we could possibly become endangered ourselves, not anytime soon, but it could happen. I know for my family to help improve our carbon footprint, we are recycling, utilizing local farmers markets to ensure we are eating from a local source, driving less, using reusable bags, repurposing items and doing more to help people become aware of our environment. It all starts with one person committing to

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