Biodiesel Fuel Essay

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Biodiesel Fuel for Fossil Fuel Air pollution is caused by the exhaustion from vehicles and industries. Although many people know this fact, they still use cars. However, scientists have made biodiesel fuel, which a clean burning alternative fuel. In other words, biodiesel fuel can power a vehicle like fossil fuel does, but biodiesel fuel burns cleaner than fossil fuel does (Skehawat 1). Biodiesel fuel is very easy to find because it is made from domestic, renewable resources like vegetable oil and vegetable fats (McCaffrey 52). In order to turn vegetable fat and vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel, a process called transesterification is taken place. The process requires less pressure, less time, and a lower temperature to make fuel than how fossil fuel is made (Radich 1). Instead of fossil fuel, Americans should use biodiesel fuel, because it reduces air pollution, it helps the vehicles last longer, and it improves the United States’ economy. Using biodiesel fuel will greatly reduce air pollution as compared to fossil fuel. According to Christopher Flavin, “Biodiesel is simple to use, is biodegradable, is non-toxic, and is essentially free of sulfur and aromatics” (Flavin 89). Christopher Flavin is saying that biodiesel has very low toxic waste in it. However, biodiesel fuel still affects the environment like fossil fuel does. Biodiesel fuel does affect the environment but a lot less then fossil fuel. If biodiesel fuel has very low toxic waste in it, then the products left behind, even if it is toxic or not, cannot affect the environment as much as fossil can. Vehicles are one of the major air polluters because of the fossil fuel. Since biodiesel has less toxic waste in it than fossil fuel does, the increase of biodiesel fuel usage will greatly decrease air pollution. In all fossil fuel that people use, the fuel will contain a percentage of petroleum. The

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