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Biochemistry Study Guide Essay

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Essential Questions:
What does chemistry have to do with biology?

How do the essential nutrients I need affect my body's structure and function?

Objectives/Student Outcomes:
• Differentiate b/w matter and energy
• Define chemical element and list the four elements that form the bulk of body matter
• Explain how elements and atoms are related
• List the subatomic particles and describe their relative masses, charges and positions
• Define radioisotopes and describe briefly how they are used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
• Define molecule and explain how molecules are related to compounds
• Differentiate b/w ionic, polar covalent, and nonpolar covalent bonds, and describe the importance of hydrogen bonds
• Distinguish b/w organic and inorganic compounds
• Explain the importance of water to body homeostasis and provide several examples of the roles of water
• Explain the concept of pH and the importance of maintaining proper pH in body
• Compare and contrast carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids in terms of their building blocks, structures, and functions in the body
• Recognize that chemical reactions involve the interaction of electrons to make and break chemical bonds
• Define activation energy and relate it to role of enzymes in body
• Define enzyme, explain the role of enzymes in the body, and discuss what factors affect enzyme functioning and reaction rates in body.
• Differentiate between the different organic molecules. Understand how their structure is related to their function (and energy storage).
• Identify the different foods that are source of each group of nutrients required by the organism (Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids).
• Explain the formation of polymers from monomers, the role of water in this process (Dehydration synthesis), and the reverse reaction (Hydrolysis).
• Relate the monomers and polymers of the different groups of molecules (Ex....

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