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Heather Seaquist English 1101 2/19/2015 Bio-Bay When I was eighteen years old my father brought our family on an unforgettable vacation. Very lucky to say that we got to experience the brightest of the three bioluminescent bays while on our trip to Puerto Rico. Difficult to capture on camera, bioluminescence remains best seen in person. Just getting to the bay where this occurs became an adventure in itself. I don’t think anyone knew what to expect from this excursion. We took a taxi from San Juan to Fajardo at the eastern end of the island and jumped on a ferry. Once we finally reached Vieques, a small island east of mainland Puerto Rico, we then had to travel by a school bus to Mosquito Bay. I can only put in so many words how remarkable this trip turned out to be. This will all lead to a memory to remember for a lifetime. Now if you are wondering what causes bioluminescence, let me explain. Most bioluminescent organism are found in the ocean, not on land. In the waters of Mosquito Bay, as well as other places in the world, there are tiny organisms named Dinoflagellates. These organism create their own light and carry it around in their bodies. When these “dinos” come into contact with another organism or disturbed, they produce a bright burst of a bluish/green light. One of the most widely known luminescent insects, the firefly is known for this as well. So, imagine a firefly, except under water. You can only see this natural phenomenon in the darkest of night. Our journey began on about an hour and a half ferry ride from mainland Puerto Rico to Vieques Island. My first time visiting Puerto Rico I was in awe with the beautiful sparkling water. Filling the sky with bright pinks and oranges, the hot sun was just about to set. When we reached the island, my family and a group

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