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BIO 1020 – Fall 2012 Laboratory 1: Bacteria and Protists pp. 1-29 You will be required to identify all of these organisms by kingdom and phylum/division (phylum = animal, division = plant). If a genus name (italics) is given on this handout, you will be responsible for that as well. You must know all of the structures and terminology listed below. Due to the ever-changing nature of biology, the nomenclature used in lab may differ from that used in lecture. A labeled drawing and short written description is required for each numbered and highlighted organism. Please number your drawings accordingly. Be sure to use high magnification when necessary to see detail, and always note magnification next to each drawing. If in doubt, just ask. Domain Bacteria • Phylum Bacteria: True Bacteria (pp. 1 – 5) □ Observe the three morphologies of bacteria on prepared slides. Draw and describe in your notebook 1. Bacilli (rods) 2. Cocci (spheres) 3. Spirilla (spirals) □ Observe two types of living bacteria. Draw/describe in your notebook. 4. Rhodospirillum – A purple, nonsulfur bacterium, found in marine environments and certain types of mud. Note the spiral shape. • Prepare a wet mount: Scrape culture with a toothpick, apply to a clean slide, add a drop of water and coverslip, observe under microscope. 5. Bioluminescent bacteria - observe the demonstration by the instructor and describe in your notebook (no drawing necessary). • Phylum Cyanophyta: Cyanobacteria or Blue-green Algae (pp. 6 – 7) □ Observe living cyanobacteria. Draw, and describe the movement and morphology of each specimen. 1. Oscillatoria • Prepare a wet mount slide and view under microscope 2. Anabaena • Prepare a wet mount slide and view under microscope Domain Eukarya, Kingdom Protista • Protozoa

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