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Assignment: BIO112 Phase 1 Lab Report TITLE: The Human Body INSTRUCTIONS: This week, you will enter the Virtual Lab and examine the Casey cadaver to identify the basic anatomical features and functions of the major human body systems. Part I: Move the slider on your screen, and identify the corresponding body systems shown on the patient. 1. Circulatory System 2. Nervous System 3. Respiratory System 4. Circulatory System 5. Respiratory System 6. Reproductive System 7. Endocrine System 8. Digestive System 9. Integumentary System 10. Muscular System 11. Skeletal System Part II: Name organs or structures that are found in each body system, and provide examples and descriptions of diseases or injuries affecting each system. | | | | |Body System |Organs or Structures |Disease or Injury | |1.Cirulatory System |The Lungs, and The Blood Cells |H.I.V. | |2.Nervous System |Brain, and Spinal Cord | paralyzed | |3.Respiratory System |Intake of Oxygen to the body |Collapsed lungs | |4.Circulatory System |The Lungs, and The Blood Cells |Anemia | |5.Respiratory System |Intake of Oxygen to the body |Asthma | |6.Reproductive System |Penis, testes

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