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How to separate DNA from an apple by using house hold materials Material list: - pot; - thermometer; - plastic salad bowl; - ice cubes; - 50 cc of 70 - 95 % 70-95% isopropyl or denatured alcohol (ethanol) in a closed bottle; - rags and absorbent paper tissues. Method: - The day before the experiment, prepare some ice cubes; - at least 2 hours before, place in a freezer a sealed vapor-tight plastic bottle with 50 cc of 70-95% isopropyl or ethyl denatured alcohol. This container must to be closed tightly to prevent alcohol vapors from being released since they are flammable; - 15 minutes before starting the procedure, warm a pot of tap water to 60°C; PREPARATION OF THE EXTRACTION SOLUTION As mentioned previously, the DNA is held inside the nucleus of the cells of the fruit we are using. To free the DNA, it will be necessary to breakdown the membranes of the cells as well as those of the nuclei. As these membranes are made up of phospholipids, which are molecules rich in fats, we will dissolve them by using a simple household detergent. We will also use a little table salt, which helps to eliminate the proteins, called histones, on which the DNA is wrapped. MATERIALS - 100 cc of distilled water but tap water can also be used ; - a scale to weigh few grams (if possible); - 3 g of table salt (a half teaspoon); - 10 cc of liquid detergent; - a 10 cc syringe without needle; - a 100 cc beaker; - a glass rod. METHOD - Pour 3 g of salt and 80 cc of distilled water in a 100 cc beaker; - mix until the salt is completely dissolved; - with the syringe, take 10 cc of liquid detergent and add it to the solution; - add distilled water until you obtain a total volume of 100 cc; - while avoiding to produce bubbles, mix to homogenize the solution; - the extracting solution is ready. PREPARATION OF THE PULP This operation serves to separate the

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