Bio Medical Essay

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The biomedical model The bio medical model means that the illness is biological and it’s also located in the physical body of the patient, so is not link in their social or spiritual life. As there is a reliance on drugs or surgery the biomedical model can be measure by professional as they can measure peoples progress in the health and the symptoms for example if someone is ill the doctor identifies the cure they’ll do this by finding out how the problem started is e.g. what causes the illness/disease. And then start looking or creating a cure that would help the patients. The main purpose of health is the cure to diseases so the health professional will use scientific tested method to come across the diagnosed illness, sociologist believes that the individual patient should be limited to the model because is not focus, as the focus is the cure. Socio medical model focuses on the social factor that is contributed to health. It also focuses on the society and it’s related to the social, gender and ethnicity. It fits in the Marxist theory as the illness/ disease may be social. The cure usually lives in the physical body of the patient, which is not in their social or spiritual life. The social medical model can be measured by the registrar general social class classification. It is a scale that categorises people in the society based on occupation. The socio medical model also fits in the conflicts theorist more than the functionalism theory. The theory would explain that there is a shorter life expectancy and a higher morbidity rate among the poor. Because of the inequalities in society; this would because the poor would have bad diets, damp housing and also inner-city area mostly have unemployment’s and environmental pollution, so this is the causing of the illnesses that the socio medical model focuses on. Holistic model the holistic approach to health would
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