Bio Lab 7 Essay

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RAQUEL LEWIS CSIA-­‐FOUNDATIONS OF CYBER SECURITY LAB#7(5&10) APRIL 26 2015 The explain tab under the enforce password history tab explains how Microsoft uses time to determine when a password can be reused. The policy enables administrator to enhance security by not having a password being used too often. Maximum password age-­‐ this setting determines the amount of days that a password can be used before the user is prompted to change it. The days can be between 1-­‐999 days or if the password never expire the number of days will be 0. Minimum password age-­‐ this age must be less than the maximum password age. This can be between 0-­‐998 days. Minimum length password-­‐determines the least number of characters for a password. Values can be set between 1-­‐14 or if no password is required the value is set to 0. Password complexity requirements-­‐ determines if password must meet complexity requirement. For example, if password needs special characters ($@#$), upper and lower case letters and/or numbers. Reversible encryption-­‐this policy supports applications that use protocols and

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