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INTRODUCTION At the University of New England Biology lab, myself and three other students participated in a lab which asks the question; is it possible to increase the rate of reaction between an enzyme and a substrate by increasing concentration of the enzyme, and if so what is the optimal concentration of the enzyme which will yield the greatest percent reacted. Hypothetically we predicted the solution with the greater concentration to react faster than the solution containing the lower concentration of enzyme solution. The higher the concentration the greater the amount of enzymes present for the substrate to react with. As a result more of the enzyme will be reacted with, and therefore should increase the reaction time of the experiment. Also the “enzyme concentration in comparison… to the substrate concentration is small”(Dalziel 1957) and therefore is there is seemingly an endless amount of substrate that the enzymes have available to catalyze. Similarly any “concentration dependence observed for the rate of formation of the enzyme intermediate will reflect a rate-limiting substrate”( Johnson 1992.) Since the substrate is independent of all variables, the enzyme reaction should only be different from the controls if the other agent, the enzyme, changes as well. In measuring the reaction it is necessary to use the spectrophotometer. Which is a biology tool that is able to measure the amount of light which passes through a test tube. This machine will accurately measure the amount of color change which occurs in the tube. The color change which occurs is a result of the reaction between the substrate and the enzyme. The more rapid that the pigmented melanin is produced, the faster the reaction is occurring. PROTOCOL The preparation of this experiment is the most important factor in assuring that the reactions occur smoothly. It is important

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