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Andrew Proulx Mrs. Maria 9-18-2012 Bio Post-Lab 1. Our choice of food for this lab was cheerios and they turned out to be somewhat healthy and energetic snack. They have no proteins or lipids, but do contain simple sugars, starch, and carbohydrates. Starch is used in ours cells to equalize concentration, while sugars and carbs are both good to provide energy. 2. To test an unknown solution for starch, you would need to create a standard curve graph, find the slope and absorbance of the unknown, and plug it into Beer’s Law equation. Further into detail, you will need five standards containing .1,.2,.3,.4,.5, concentrates of starch put into five different test tubes. You will also need a test tube for the unknown, and a test tube for the blank, which will be water. Next put Lugal’s Iodine in each of these solutions and wait five minutes. Next transfer the solutions to cuvettes, in order starting with the blank, then 1-5, then the unknown. Use the spectrophotometer to then find the concentration and absorbance of each sample. 3. Water alone could not be used as the blank because Biuret’s reagent is necessary to test for protein, and it is a constant in all the other samples. 4. Table sugar is a disaccharide and The Benedicts test can detect all monosaccharides, but only some disaccharides. In order to make table sugar yield a positive, we could put the table sugar through a reaction that would go through the depolymerization process. This would break the disaccharides into monosaccharides, which would then be able to be detected by Benedicts

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