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Biology Lab #1 Deoxyribonucleic acid- a nucleic acid that contains genetic instructions used in the development and function of all known living organisms. (Long term storage of information) * To extract DNA using household product Hypothesis: By doing this experiment, I hypothesize the DNA will be extracted by swishing water around in my mouth then gently scraping my cheeks with water in my mouth. Lab: Lab tube C (control) 1 and 2 * Place 1-2 mLs of deionized water in each tube * For tube C, place water in mouth and place back in the tube * For tube 1, place water in mouth swish and put back in the tube. * Tube 2, place water in mouth, gently scrape cheeks, and place back in tube. Add 1.5 mLs of dishwasher liquid to each tube and invert gently. * Slowly add ethyl alcohol in each tube until precipitation occurs Results: Test tube 2 had a film of DNA in the middle of the tube Tube 1 has just a little bit on DNA stuck on the side Tube C the DNA is a bit bigger than tube 1 but it’s also stuck on the side of the tube. DNA was extracted using household products. Deionized water was used as a medium for the DNA. The dishwashing liquid was used for cell lysis and the ethyl alcohol was used to precipitate the DNA for the cell debris. In conclusion, the DNA was being extracted by swishing water around my mouth then gently scraping my cheeks with water in my mouth. This states that my hypothesis was

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