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Lab 6-Enzymes Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to test for enzyme activity, look at enzyme specificity, and how temperature affects enzyme activity. Time need to perform this lab: approximately 3 hours Preparation FIRST: Read the lab in its entirety TWICE before you begin. You will perform the experiment, write your lab report and include the answers to the additional 4 questions within the text for full credit on this experiment. Materials: * 3% hydrogen peroxide * a household blender * potatoes (3 medium size potatoes, that are peeled and quartered) * tap water * 8 test tubes * 8 transfer pipets * sugar packets * salt * a small saucepan * a refrigerator with a freezer * stove * 4 clear plastic cups * tongs (to remove test tubes from boiling water) * 4 coffee cups * cheesecloth to filter the potato extract * a wax pencil or Sharpie marker * a ruler * scale or balance * 250 ml graduated cylinder * oven mitt or tongs Preparation Step 1: Research (online) the reaction between catalase and hydrogen peroxide and be familiar with the reactants, products, and enzyme. You will include the overall reaction in your lab report for this experiment. We will measure enzyme activity by measuring the height of the bubbles produced. Questions 1. Given your research, why are we measuring the height of the bubbles produced to indicate how much enzyme activity has occurred? 2. What product are we specifically observing being produced? Preparation Step 2: 1. Prepare the potato extract (catalase) using the following technique: * peel 3 medium size potatoes and cut them into quarters * add the potatoes to the blender with 250 mls of tap water to cover the potatoes and blend on high until the potatoes are pureed (blended to a thick liquid or paste) * place a cheesecloth over a

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