BIO IA Essay

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Age, Exercise and Body Temperature Problems: How does human’s age effect their body temperature rate after exercise? Aim: To determine the effect of human’s age and their body temperature rate after exercise Hypothesis: Both old people and young people’s body temperature would both increase after a course of physical exercise, but the rate of increasing temperature in young people would be significantly higher compared to the old people. Prediction: The rate of increasing body temperature in old people and young people would be significantly different with young people having higher median temperature rate. Null Hypothesis: Age does not have any effect on the human’s body temperature rate after exercise. Variables: Independent Variables: The age of participants Dependent Variables: Body temperature after exercise Control Variables: Exercise - the exercise course that each people in each age group have to go through would have to be the same since different course with different level of thresholds would effect the efforts and energy used by each people which might causing differences in the body temperature. The same course of exercise are going to be used for all the participants to ensure that this variable is controlled. Body temperature before exercise (person’s condition) - each participants are going to be put in a similar conditions (inside one class room) for a few minutes just to help all of them to stay in a similar conditions thus having somewhat similar body temperature. If some participants have different conditions (thus different body temperature) before they run the course of exercise, their body temperature after the exercise might get effected. Physical conditions (height, weight) - all participants are going to be sort out so that they would have similar physical conditions, significant different on physical conditions
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