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UNIT TWO REVIEW Chapter Two: The biological bases of behavior. 1. Know the anatomy of a neuron. 2. Know what the resting potential of a neuron is. Know how a neuron fires an Action Potential…how big an action potential is (in millivolts), and how threshold is reached. How is intensity of a stimulus represented in an individual neuron? 3. Identify the steps in synaptic transmission. 4. Know the differences between neurotransmitter antagonists and agonists. Know the function of dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine and endorphins (you will have to look up endorphins in your textbook). 5. Know the different divisions of the nervous system; know what the difference is between the CNS and PNS (and the function of each); the somatic and autonomic nervous system (and the function of each); and the parsympathetic and sympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system (and the function of each). 6. Know the difference between, EEG, MRI, fMRI scans and PET scans. 7. Know how a split brain patient would respond when images are placed in the right vs. left visual field. 8. Know the 4 lobes of the cortex and know functions associated with each. 9. Be able to identify and know the functions of the following brain regions: corpus callosum, thalamus (how is it a switchboard operator?), amygdala, hippocampus, cerebellum, medulla, and cerebral cortex. 10. Define and given an example of brain “plasticity”. 11. Stuff I am SURE is on your exam that I didn’t explicitly cover (read in your book): Know where the reward center of the brain is located (think of where reproduction centers are). What are the functions of association areas in the brain? Where are they located? Ch 3: consciousness 1. What is the “cocktail party effect”? What does it indicate about attention? 2. Know what

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