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BIO 301 Extra Credit, Max. 10 points IS THIS HARASSMENT? For each scenario below, decide whether sexual harassment occurred, whether it was mild, moderate, or severe, what the "perpetrator" could or should have done differently, and what the "victim" could do about the problem or potential problem. 1. Your college instructor is warm, friendly, and one of those people who like to touch others in a compassionate manner. Her students like her, she touches many of them on the shoulder when she works with them, and she hugs past students who come back to visit her. After twenty years, she is shocked when the Dean calls her into his office because a former student has complained that her friendly touches created a hostile work environment…show more content…
A teacher notices that one of his students has a crush on him. Both are adults, and when they talk after class she has made it clear that she would like to date him. He tells her that they could get together to work on her academic standing, which has been slipping recently. During a tutoring session, his attraction to her gets the better of him and he talks her into having sex with him, saying it won't hurt her grade. She gets a "C" for the course. 4. A construction worker whistles and applauds as an attractive woman walks by his construction site every day. The woman always quickens her pace to get past the building as fast as possible, but every once in a while she smiles a little, suggesting that she enjoys being found attractive. The worker's buddy pokes him and says he could be putting the company at risk for a sexual harassment lawsuit, but the worker doesn't think that's likely to happen and continues to whistle and applaud at attractive women. 5. A female coworker asks a male coworker out for dinner. He says he does not want to go. The woman threatens to tell their supervisor that the man has been sexually harassing her if he does not accept her
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