Bio 202 Unit 2 Chapter 19 Practice Quiz 2

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Chapter 18 Practice Quiz 2 1. Heart valves function to A. pump the blood B. prevent clots from entering the heart C. direct the blood flow through the heart D. measure the blood pressure 2. The right and left atrioventricluar valves open when the A. atria contract B. papillary muscles contract C. atria relax D. ventricles contract 3. During atrial systole, the upper chambers contract and open the AV valves so that blood can be pumped into the A. ventricles B. veins C. atria D. arteries 4. Blood flows past the aortic semilunar valve when the contracts. A. left atrium B. right atrium C. left ventricle D. right ventricle 5. Which is true? A. The left atrium contracts before the right atrium. B. The right atrium contracts before the left atrium. C. The left ventricle contracts before the right ventricle. D. The right ventricle contracts before the left ventricle. E. Both ventricles contract at the same time. F. Both atria contract at the same time. G. all four chambers contract at the same time. 6. Which statement is false? A. Contraction of the right side of the heart precedes the left. B. Atrial contraction precedes ventricular contraction. C. Both atria contract at the same time. D. Both ventricles contract at the same time. 7. Given these pressures, in which direction will blood flow? Right atrium 2mmHg Left atrium 5mmHG Right ventricle 0mmHg Left ventricle 2mmHg A. From the ventricles to the atria B. From the atria to the ventricles C. From the left atrium to the right atrium D. From the left ventricle to the right ventricle 8. Which events occur as a result of ventricular systole? A. Closing the atrioventricluar valves and opening the semilunar valves. B. Opening the atrioventricluar valves and closing the semilunar valves. C. Both the
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