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Name:Kimiko brown Date: june 6,2015 Instructor’s Name: Assignment: BIO125 Phase 2 Lab Report—The Muscular and Skeletal Systems INSTRUCTIONS: In this lab, you will be examining the structures and functions of the skeletal and muscular systems through Mr. Skeleton and Muscle Man. As you navigate your way through the systems, identify various parts by the corresponding letters. Part 1: Identify and list the names of the 4 types of bones in the lab. Each group of bones shown represents one of the 4 major types. Do not list the names of bones. A. leg bone B. hand bone C. skull bone D. spine Part 2: Identify the individual bones that are found in the skeletal system. As you navigate a specific bone will be highlighted. Please name each bone. F. thigh G. rib H. lungs I. head J. sternal K. pelvic Part 3: Identify the type of joint being used by Mr. Skeleton. Look at and identify the highlighted area of joints being used. L. M. N. O. Part 4: Identify the types of muscle groups on Muscle Man (e.g., facial, lower extremity, torso, upper extremity). P. Q. R. S. Part 5: Identify the type of muscle tissue on your lab report worksheet (skeletal, smooth, or cardiac). Bones and muscles are both important in their own right, but it is when the two systems work together that “the magic happens”. T. Identify this tissue. U. What is its function? What is a body tissue? What type of tissue is bone? What type of tissue is adipose (fat) tissue? What structure is made up of 2 or more tissues working together for a common

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