Binge Drinking On College Campuses Essay

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| Binge Drinking on College Campuses | | | | | | Binge drinking on college campuses can be a very big issue with no apparent solution. The idea that it can just simply be stopped is not a very logical way to solve the issue. There are many factors that go with drinking at a college campus, many factors have to be considered such as the alcohol laws of the city and state, the economy of the cities surrounding the college and the responsibilities of the young adults involved. The laws surrounding alcohol consumption and distribution, in the city and state of the colleges are put in place to control drinking at any level. Strict enforcement of these laws by the city, state, and college officials is the first step in maintaining and controlling binge drinking. Instead of putting money into new programs, redirect the money into law enforcement. By increasing law enforcement this would send a clear message to the consumers and distributers of alcohol. The economy of the city or counties surrounding the college has to be major consideration, simply shutting down the bars and distributors could cripple a small community. The local stores, bars, restaurants etc, thrive off the income and business that is brought in by the universities and the events that come along with the universities. Sports events, social events and the like all bring in commerce for the university and surrounding areas and businesses would all be crippled if the alcohol was stopped from being sold. This would hurt the entire community if it were to happen. The responsibility of the young adults involved may seem like a small factor but also has to be considered. These young adults have been sent to a school of higher learning to get an elevated education. I believe there are two types of educations learned the one that is acquired at the university, also the one that is

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