Binge Drinking in College

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Troubling Causes of Binge Drinking in College Binge drinking in college students has always been an issue and the contributing factors include: college students feeling that drinking large amounts of alcohol makes them socially acceptable amongst their peers and in turn makes them happier students, alcohol is more accessible on college campuses, and the stress of academic failure. Unfortunately those same college students do not recognize that binge drinking ends up affecting their grade point averages and their inhibitions. Binge drinking has so many negative effects, but in recent research by the ABC News Medical Unit, it has been confirmed that many college students who abuse alcohol are much happier. Binge drinking is more common in those students who have lower social status such as homosexuals, women, and/or non Greek students. Reports have shown that drinking has made many of these students socially popular and the “life” of the party. Drinking excessively usually gets students invited to more social events and peers start recognizing them, not for their academic achievements, but for their consumption of alcohol and newfound social status. A high social status amongst peers is like being an A-list star in Hollywood, which means getting invited to all the A-list parties/events which makes every college student a lot happier. Binge drinking also helps students temporarily forget their troubles and give them a sense of happiness. Attending parties during college is just as important as attending classes because it gives you an upper hand on the social scene. Even though many of these college students are under the age of 21, alcohol has become very accessible to them. Many of these students get access to alcohol through older students, older siblings, or people of age they can convince to purchase the alcohol. Alcohol is the main course at the college
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