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Career Paper NFL Sports Consultant In 2011, I started a career in sports consulting on the National Football League (NFL). Billy the Kid Sports LLC was established as a premier authority on the NFL for gamblers. I have one book which was written and designed for the serious NFL Gambler. I am the author who created the entire text of the titled work called “Billy the Kid Sports Bookie Buster” copyright 2011. Writing is essential and a top priority in the sports consulting field. In order to achieve success in this business, you have to be a skilled writer. Skilled writing is necessary to ensure that my clients understand and interpret all of the information that is presented daily. According to Shelly Field, author of Sports Industry…show more content…
There is no room for error when it comes to writing. One wrong interpretation could cost the company thousands of dollars and the possibility of losing several clients. Skilled writing is critical for success. On one occasion, my writing was not clear enough regarding instructions. Prior to the beginning of the NFL 2012 regular season, a client of mine misunderstood trend information pertaining to the Kansas City Chiefs. The written information which had been given to him was for the first home game of the regular season. The client assumed that he could use this information with the pre-season NFL games. It broke his heart when he lost his wager. My writing mistake cost my client two hundred and twenty dollars. According to Adam Jortner, author of “WORD GAMES: THE ART OF SPORTS WRITING” states that, “Approach your story as an observer, not a critic. The good sports writer provides explanations, not criticisms” (par.…show more content…
According to Michael Ruscoe, author of “Beyond Wins and Losses” states that “The words a sportswriter chooses are also vital in conveying their subjects’ stories. Action verbs and adverbs are important parts of a well-written sports piece. So are adjectives [,] as well as similes and metaphors” (par.25). It is necessary to have well written daily reports. This ensures that we have proper verbal communication with office staff and our clients, especially when this pertains to giving last-minute

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